Choice of modes to create public facilities

Key elements

When they decide to initiate a new project for creating facilities, local authorities quite legitimately compare the various organisational solutions which are available to them (public contracting authority, design and implementation, all-inclusive tenders, diverse forms of public-private partnership, private syndicates, etc.) in order to identify the option which will be most efficient. 

Espelia's services

The engineers, urban programme managers, financiers and lawyers at Espelia assist local authorities in defining selection criteria which are appropriate to their specific circumstances (e.g. cost, expected technical performance, legal robustness, flexibility, local economic knock-on effects, match with the available technical capacities) before identifying and testing the various modes of implementation and then assisting them in making a choice.

Gouvernance des services et projets publics

Espelia realizes missions which contain a choice of the modes of realization of the public equipment in the following sectors:

  • Economic activity
  • Organisation and governance of culture and tourism
  • Show venues
  • Cinemas
  • Museums, cultural centres, theme parks
  • Casinos
  • Childhood
  • Funeral
  • Communal catering
  • Health - Seniors Citizens - Social
  • Sports – Leisure
  • Parking
  • Airports et flight connections
  • Ports and maritime and river services
  • Urban waste and recycling
  • Water and aquatic environments
  • Energy and lighting