Creation of intermunicipal entities of cooperation

Key elements

Cooperation between communities often enables public services to be delivered at an appropriate regional scale. There are a variety of forms which entities for inter-community cooperation may take.

Espelia's services

With their detailed knowledge of the specific characteristics of each of these forms, and in particular their legal and financial characteristics, Espelia's consultants assist local authorities in creating new entities, as well as with the transition from one form of inter-community cooperation to another. They first conduct feasibility studies and identify opportunities for a multi-disciplinary approach (impact on the organisation of services, impact on financial resources, etc.) and, once the decision has been taken, they assist the new entity in implementing the chosen solution operationally.

Gouvernance des services et projets publics

Espelia réalise qui des missions qui comportent la création d'entités de coopération intercommunales dans les secteurs suivants :