Changes to local authority boundaries and inter-community links

Key elements

Regional boundaries change and the debate on the optimal size for a region in terms of delivering public services is a long-standing and ongoing one. Some local authorities may choose to merge, some inter-community services may see their boundaries change (e.g. districts are incorporated or reassigned to another authority, responsibilities are broadened), etc. 

Espelia's services

The engineers, financiers, lawyers and tax experts at Espelia assist local authorities in assessing the technical impact (e.g. inter-connection of networks, pooling of facilities), organisational impact (e.g. future of personnel, changes to existing contracts) and financial impact (e.g. dealing with existing debts, budgetary impact, pricing convergence) and in implementing operationally (e.g. planning, joint deliberations, assessing transfers of responsibilities) their incorporation or their reassignment.

Gouvernance des services et projets publics

Espelia realizes missions which contain an evolution of the perimeter(scope) of communities and links between local authorities in the following sectors: