Spatial and functional analysis

Key elements

Defining the strategy for implementing a public service begins with the conducting of an analysis which describes and assesses the current state of the service and the territory where it is being deployed. Issues which are typically addressed include: the nature and geographical spread of needs, a qualitative and quantitative inventory, the cost of the existing services, developments in the legal and regulatory framework, etc.

Espelia's services

Using analysis tools which are tailored to each situation (on-site visits, geographic information systems (GIS), studies and surveys, comparative data for local authorities with the same demographic strata, etc.), Espelia's consultants produce an accurate and concise vision of the organisation of the public service in question. This forms a solid basis on which to proceed with a forward-looking discussion on the future of the service.

Organisation territoriale des services publics

Espelia realizes missions which contain a spatial and functional diagnosis in the following sectors: