Selection of the procurement solution of a public investment, Value for Money ex-ante assessement

Key elements

There are many legal and financial solutions for undertaking public investments: various types of conventional public procurement, concessions, Public Private Partnerships (authority-pay PPP), all-inclusive tenders under a public contracting authority (design and implementation, all-inclusive tenders), etc. These solutions need to be analysed in terms of the constraints which are specific to the public authority and to the project in question; taking a long term perspective that includes both the contruction and the operating phases.

Espelia's services

Espelia's consultants assist public bodies in pragmatically analysing the advantages and disadvantages of the various potential solutions for implementing their projects through the conducting of ex-ante Value for Money assessment or other multi-criteria  studies on the choice of  the optional procurement solution. They take into account the constraints of each project, whether financial, technical, legal (in terms of the division and control of risk), organisational (in terms of the type and mode of operation) or fiscal.

In particular, Espelia has developed especially renowned expertise in structuring and implementing complex contracts, whether they are based on payment by the user (concession) or by the public body (availability-pay PPP). The firm has worked on projects costing several million to several hundred million euros, both in France and internationally, in numerous sectors (stadiums, conference halls, water treatment plants, airports, ports, etc.). 

Performance de l'investissement public

Espelia realizes missions which contain selection of the procurement solution of a public investment, Value for Money ex-ante assessement in the following sectors :