Identification and mobilisation of financial resources

Key elements

Public projects which are entirely self-financed are rare. The financing of a public project involves, in many cases, the mobilisation of grants and of external resources (bank loans, equity in the case of PPPs, bonds), or indeed recourse to solutions involving financial leases. 

Espelia's services

Espelia's financial consultants carry out financial modelling of investment projects on behalf of public bodies and, in the case of a concession or a PPP, analyse the financial models submitted by the bidding consortium. They also assist public bodies in developing optimised financing plans/structures (for example, within the framework of creating public companies or public-private entities), compiling grant application dossiers, preparing tenders and negotiating the terms and conditions of loans, etc.

Espelia's financial consultants have recognised expertise in project finance.

Performance de l'investissement public

Espelia realizes missions which contain identification and mobilisation of financial resources in the following sectors :