Service quality survey

Key elements

The quality of a public service lies first and foremost in its capacity to meet the needs and expectations of the population. 'Excess' quality is expensive; the 'sub-standard' quality of one of the components of the service negatively affects the perception that the user has of the service as a whole. It is therefore important for local authorities to regularly and attentively monitor the 'perceived' quality of its services in the eyes of the user so as to be in a position to concentrate its efforts on sub-standard areas.

Espelia's services

Espelia's consultants help local authorities to measure the quality of their services, in particular through the conducting of surveys: defining the survey protocol (e.g. questionnaire, sample, mode of consultation), holding of focus groups, quantitative and qualitative analysis of results.

Performance opérationnelle des services publics

Espelia realizes missions which contain service quality survey in the following sectors :

  • Smart city
  • Waste and recycling