Mobilisation of teams and human resources

Key elements

No process of transformation can be undertaken without the local authority teams working closely together, from the conception stage to the delivery stage. The success of any change management operation rests on commitment, motivation and enhancing the skills of staff. They must be able to see the point of change and understand how it will contribute to improving the actual quality of the service for the user.

Espelia's services

Espelia has resolutely placed the human dimension at the heart of its values. This outlook underpins all the projects undertaken by the firm, but to an even greater degree when it concerns the domain of human resources: conducting of HR analyses, participative development of service projects or administrative projects, support for strategic workforce planning, introduction of sector-based policies (wage bill, remuneration and bonus scheme, training, etc.).

Espelia also has the capacity to support HR departments in optimising and devolving its management processes.

Performance opérationnelle des services publics

Espelia realizes missions which contain mobilisation of teams and human resources in the following sectors :