Mobilisation of the potential of new technologies (smart city, big data, GIS)

Key elements

New technologies offer solutions for reconceptualising how a region functions and the way in which public services are delivered by local authorities. They may lead to very significant improvements in the efficiency of services, whether in terms of greater service quality for the user (e.g. management of rush hours, intelligent pricing) or the reduction in the cost of providing services (e.g. virtual services, e-administration, energy performance). Within local authorities, new technologies too often remain the preserve of a few specialists and their potential has not yet been fully exploited for services. 

Espelia's services

Innovation, in particular through new technologies, constitutes one of Espelia's major aims. Espelia's consultants work alongside local authorities to provide: needs analyses, market studies, assistance with carrying out experiments, help with drafting functional project specifications and tendering, and assistance with piloting digital transformation.

Performance opérationnelle des services publics

Espelia réalise des missions qui comportent une mobilisation du potentiel des nouvelles technologies dans les secteurs suivants :