Optimisation of the organisation of services

Key elements

The services of many local authorities have grown significantly in recent years, although the organisation of these services has nevertheless remained unsatisfactory. Certain services reflect a chequered history (e.g. transfer of responsibilities and personnel). These sub-optimal organisational arrangements result in chronic under-efficiency, the demotivation of teams and an overall under-performing of the service.  

Espelia's services

In this context, the organisational consultants at Espelia assist local authorities with the following activities in particular: organisational analysis and identification of the weaknesses in the current organisational set-up (organisation chart, functions, procedures, tasks, interactions, etc.), the participative development of scenarios for re-organisation and help with decision-making, the development of action plans and assistance with adapting the organisational structure, the development of guiding principles for pooling resources, etc. 

Performance opérationnelle des services publics

Espelia realizes missions which contain optimisation of the organisation of services in the following sectors: