Purchasing strategy

Purchasing strategy

A substantial proportion of the budgets of local authorities is devoted to the purchase of supplies, works or services. Beyond the numerous constraints imposed by the framework for placing public orders, a sound grasp of the purchasing process is therefore essential. The correct defining of needs, the placing of mass orders or the pooling of orders, the optimal use of the tender process and the careful monitoring of contracts after they are signed are just some of the capacities which are required in this context. The purchasing strategy is a powerful lever to extend the social and environmental policy of the local authority (sustainable public ordering, clauses relating to social integration, etc.).

Espelia's sevices

Espelia's consultants assist local authorities in auditing the purchasing procedures, managing and tightening the procedures for public orders, drafting project specifications and contracts, analysing tenders and negotiating and then managing contracts.

Performance opérationnelle des services publics

Espelia realizes missions which contain a purchasing strategy in the following sectors:

  • Urbans and interurbans passenger transports
  • Smart city