Management control and production of information for decision-making

Key elements

The financial pressure on local authorities entails tough decisions on an increasingly frequent basis. They need to be prepared with reliable information, which combines financial data with technical indicators of resources (e.g. workforce) and, if possible, results. Local authorities have to be able to justify their management decisions to taxpayers and to their own staff.

Espelia's services

In this context, the financial consultants at Espelia help local authorities to define and implement processes for producing and making use of information for decision-making: analysis of the structure of the costs / revenues of a service, establishment of management accounting, definition of indicators and processes for data collection, development of dashboards, facilitating of management dialogue between services, etc.

Stratégies financières, tarifaires et fiscales

Espelia realizes missions which contain management control and production of information for decision-making in the following sectors :

  • Urban and interurban passenger transport
  • Parking
  • Smart city - ITC