Defining pricing policies

Key elements

Defining or adapting the pricing of a public service raises numerous issues: legal constraints, proportion of the service financed by the user as opposed to the taxpayer, social and family policies, flexibility of demand in terms of the pricing, clarity of the pricing structure and communications, impact of taxes (e.g. VAT), link with the pricing of other services within the local authority and outside it, the consistency of pricing policies, etc.

Espelia's services

Espelia's consultants help local authorities to define or adjust their strategy for pricing a service or a group of services (concept of 'one ticket office only'). They assess the social impact (access to the service), financial impact (revenues from the service) and the presentation of the proposed pricing structures to the public. In particular, Espelia supports numerous local authorities in preliminary analysis and in the application of community pricing structures (water, energy, etc.) and the household waste collection charge.

Stratégies financières, tarifaires et fiscales

Espelia realizes missions which contain a defining pricing policies in the following sectors :

  • Economic activity
  • Planning
  • Organisation and governance of culture and tourism
  • Show venues
  • Cinemas
  • Museums, cultural centres, theme parks
  • Casinos
  • Childhood
  • Universities and research establishments
  • Funeral
  • Communal catering
  • Health - Seniors citizens - Social
  • Sports – Leisure
  • Transports
  • Smart city - ITC