Definition of fiscal strategies

Key elements

Although it is limited, local authorities retain a certain degree of fiscal autonomy. In circumstances where the overall fiscal pressure is strong, where the revenue from certain taxes is on a downward trend and where local taxes are regularly being reformed, local authorities must take decisions in a particularly prudent and well-informed way. 

Espelia's services

In these circumstances, Espelia’s financial consultants help local authorities to adjust their fiscal strategy: optimising fiscal bases, adjusting rates, forecasting resources, etc. They draw on simulation tools which have been developed specifically and on databases which make it possible to compare local authorities.

Stratégies financières, tarifaires et fiscales

Espelia realizes missions which contain a definition of fiscal strategies service in the following sectors :

  • Economic activity zones
  • Planning
  • Transports
  • Planning of waste management
  • Water and aquatic environments
  • Energy and lighting