Identification and mobilisation of financial resources

Context and needs

Recent years have seen the funding of local authorities becoming more complex and multi-faceted. The banking market has thoroughly renewed itself. Increasing numbers of local authorities are active on the bond markets. New market players, including the Agence publique de Financement des Collectivités Territoriales in France, have emerged.

Eseplia's services

The financial consultants at Espelia, several of whom have worked in banks before joining the firm, assist local authorities in analysing their current state of debt, in developing an optimised strategy for their funding (i.e. cost, flexibility, product diversification, etc.) and in raising the necessary funds (e.g. consulting with potential funders, negotiation of the documentation).

Stratégies financières, tarifaires et fiscales

Espelia realizes missions which contain identification and mobilisation of financial resources  in the following sectors :