Long-term financial planning

Key elements

Local authorities need to develop a multi-annual forward-looking budgetary vision, whether it is to identify margins for manoeuvre at the outset of a new political mandate, to feed into the debate on budgetary priorities or to contribute to the annual budget-making process.

Espelia's services

Espelia’s financial consultants assist them in developing scenarios for budgets which evolve over time, constructed methodically on the basis of historic data which is specific to the local authority (e.g. restated administrative financial statements, statements of assets and debts) and expected changes (e.g. project in progress or at the investment stage, changes in allocations, economic circumstances, regulatory stipulations which will at some future point entail new charges). They work with local authorities on defining a realistic budgetary arc by identifying the levers for optimising both revenues (e.g. local taxes, tariffs) and charges. 

Stratégies financières, tarifaires et fiscales

Espelia realizes missions which contain long-term financial planning in the following sectors: