Local markets

Local markets provide producers and itinerant traders with a place to sell their products and consumers with a place to buy them, complementing the range of products available from resident businesses. In this respect, local markets contribute to the economic development of a territory and also constitute a central focal point of town life, often underpinning the identity of town centres.

The transparency of the procedures for allocating pitches (in particular for itinerant traders) is one of the more complicated issues for local authorities (supplementary remuneration (non-declared) for the market supervisor responsible for pitch allocation, loss of income for the local authorities)

The cleaning of markets is one of the issues relating to service quality which needs to be linked to the cleaning of the roads.

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  • analysing the functioning of existing markets, and in particular the human and technical resources deployed

  • analysing the improvements to be made to the service offered to users and assisting in their implementation

  • efficiently implementing construction and opertating projects: contracting operations, creation of public or public/private operators, monitoring and optimisation of the running of facilities