Economic activity zones

Zones for housing businesses have greatly developed over the last twenty years. The result of regional planning policies, they are a targeted response to the increasing demand from certain business sectors and reflect the determination to develop from all territories.

Although the major economic zones remain concentrated in certain areas, the majority of local authorities are in a position to offer attractive zones to specific types of company (in particular SMEs and small businesses), provided there is good accessibility and detailed studies have been carried out to guarantee that the zone is attractive to businesses and that the different businesses complement each other.

The oversight of these zones, which in the past was frequently inadequate, has for some years now been strengthened by the creation of business incubators and local networks which give structure and continuity to the functioning of these zones. Specialist non-profit entities and companies have also been set up to take care of the economic management of these sites, and they can be interesting points of contact for local authorities.

The decline of some business zones has is also pushing some local  authorities to work on the conversion of current sites and to integrate these zones more fully into their environment


Offer Espelia

In this sector, Espelia deploys its full operational expertise. More specifically, the firm supports local authorities in:

  • analysing the business activities and development potential of their economic activity zones.
  • defining and implementing a development strategy: creation or extension of zones, strengthening skills in managing economic activity zones, creation of local economic development operators (incubators, etc.).