Security and defence

La puissance publique se doit de garantir la paix et la sécurité aux citoyens. En France, la sécurité et la défense sont des missions régaliennes de l’Etat.

It is incumbent on public authorities to guarantee the peace and security of their citizens. In many countries, security and defence are the prerogative of the State. At the local level, the actions of local authorities can therefore assume two main forms:

-       the mayor is typically the policing authority for his/her district. To this end, (s)he organises the activities of the municipal police, whose mission may be facilitated, for example, by the introduction of a video-surveillance system;

-       local authorities may be required to support the actions of the national police, in particular by making premises available to them and by coordinating the actions of the municipal and the national police.

At the national level, at a time of particular budgetary constraints, the institutions in charge of defence and security need to find ways of more tightly controlling costs without jeopardising theiroperational capacities (property strategy, outsourcing of support functions, etc.). 


Offre Espelia

  • In this sector, Espelia deploys its full operational expertise. More specifically, the firm supports local authorities in:

  • organising services of the municipal police (pooling of resources between local authorities, etc.)

  • the signing and monitoring of video-surveillance contracts

  • the implementation of property projects