Two types of cinemas exist side by side: there are the large multiplexes, most often located on the edge of town, and then there are cinemas of a more modest size, sometimes with a single screen, typically located in the town centre.

Cinemas contribute greatly to the life and appeal of towns, attracting a public which is also likely to visit local shops and restaurants. At the same time, they play a central role in making culture accessible to everyone.

Local authorities therefore need to give thought to the financial, technical and human resources that they are prepared to devote to developing the choice of cinemas, as well as to the type of support which they can provide (grants, creation and running of facilities, etc.).


Espelia offer

In this sector, Espelia deploys its full operational expertise. More specifically, the firm supports local authorities in:

analysing the functioning of existing facilities, particularly the quality of the programmes and entertainment on offer

  • analysing demand in order to highlight the relevance of creating new cinema studios
  • selecting the most appropriate mode of implementation or management according to the constraints and opportunities associated with each project
  • efficiently implementing construction and management projects: contracting, creation of public or public/private operators, monitoring and optimisation of the running of facilities