Organisation and governance of culture and tourism


Culture and tourism have in common a strong grounding in a specific place, associated with a diversity of stakeholders. In most cases, a given territory counts several facilities or cultural and tourist activities which are set up and managed by different types of stakeholder (local associations, companies, public authorities).

The organisation and the governance of culture and tourism policies thus assumes a particular importance, the objective being to create synergies between the various facilities and attractions on offer, all in the service of making the territory attractive.

Local authorities have a central place within this framework because they are often best placed to harness these energies and to create the conditions for the harmonious development of these diverse facilities and attractions.

However, their interventions may assume many different forms (grants, providing staff or premises, creating and running tourist offices, creating of support structures, etc.) and should be based on in-depth analysis of the existing facilities and sound priority setting. 

Orga gouvernance culturelle et touristique

Espelia offer

Espelia supports local authorities in:

  • analysing the functioning and location of existing tourism sites and facilities and the connections between them

  • analysing the most appropriate modes of management and governance in order to connect up the various stakeholders of the territory

  • implementing the chosen solutions: contracting, creation of public or public / private structures