Show venues

The term 'show venue' encompasses a diverse range of venues (theatres, opera houses, auditoriums, etc.) whose size can vary from a few dozen places to several thousand.

As a result, their programmes and the audiences which they are aimed at vary appreciably from one venue to another, as does the way in which they are run. Each venue is thus faced with its own challenges, but they all share a common objective: to attract and entertain the largest possible audiences. In order to achieve this, the competition, which varies in degree depending on the territory, needs to be taken into account when creating or relocating a show venue, as do the expectations of future audiences.

Depending on their size and vocation, show venues can entail substantial investment and running costs. Local authorities have to give thought to both the vocation and the location of the venues which they wish to create or support and to the way in which they provide support (modes of implementation and management) in order to ensure that their citizens have access to the performing arts.

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Espelia offer

In this sector, Espelia deploys its full operational expertise. More specifically, the firm supports local authorities in:

  • analysing the functioning and profile of existing facilities
  • selecting the most appropriate mode of implementation or management according to the constraints and opportunities offered by each project
  • efficiently implementing construction and management projects: contracting, creation of public or public/private operators, monitoring and optimisation of the running of facilities