Recycling and treating waste

La valorisation et le traitement des déchets représentent 38 % du coût total de leur élimination.

Local authorities are attempting to develop, at an affordable cost, recycling facilities which manage waste prior to elimination (burial, incineration) and which protect the environment, while at the same time ensuring that final waste treatment facilities are located as close as possible to where the waste is produced.

Achieving this objective involves close coordination between the competent public authorities and also cooperation between local authorities and private waste management companies.

An increasing proportion of waste is sent primarily to installations for recycling materials, including organic materials, which in their increasing sophistication are becoming genuine, high-performance industrial tools: mechanised waste sorting centres which sort flexible plastics, anaerobic digestion installations which produce compost, biogas and solid recovered fuels, etc.

In order to ensure their economic viability, these facilities need to be built as close as possible to the points of production of recycling by-products: industrial installations for biogas and electricity, agricultural installations for the recovery of compost, cement plants for solid recovered fuels, etc. The need to ensure that there are outlets for recycling by-products determines the choice of the location of the facilities, hence the need for the local authorities running these projects to secure ownership of the available land in advance. 

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Espelia offer

In this sector, Espelia deploys its full operational expertise. More specifically, the firm supports local authorities in:

  • preliminary studies prior to the creation or optimisation of treatment facilities and the deployment of investment (project management, funding negotiations, signing and monitoring of contracts, etc.)
  • monitoring existing installations
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