Ski resorts and ski lift services

Au carrefour de l’activité touristique et des transports, l’exploitation des remontées mécaniques constitue toujours un enjeu économique majeur pour les territoires disposant d’un domaine skiable.

Operating ski life services, which stand at the crossroads between tourism and transport, invariably constitutes a major economic issue for regions which possess ski resorts.

The sector is characterised by heavy competition between ski resorts which require, in order to remain competitive, the constant modernisation of their services: extension of the resorts, renewal of the ski lift services, of the snow creation equipment and of accommodation, development of summer activities, all-inclusive stays, etc. The maintenance of installations and the quality of daily operations to guarantee safety, continuity and quality of service are also at the heart of the operating contracts relating to this sector.

Many small or medium-sized resorts are struggling to maintain economic viability. There is a trend towards increased cooperation and pooling of resources between the operators of these resorts (e.g. group purchasing, joint commercialisation, sharing of maintenance teams, creation of links between resorts, etc.).

Remontées mécaniques

Offre Espelia

In this sector, Espelia deploys its full operational expertise. More specifically, the firm supports local authorities in:

  • analysing the functioning of existing services and facilities;
  • developing and implementing a strategy for modernising or creating facilities, according to the needs and the constraints of the region;
  • efficiently implementing management projects: contracting operations, creation of public or public/private operators, monitoring and optimisation of the running of facilities