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Financial assistance with the signing of a concession contract for creating a major show venue with a 10,000-seat capacity

Bordeaux Métropole

Context and challenges

Faced with the lack of a major show venue in the region, the local authority of Bordeaux (CUB) decided to create a major show venue located in the urban development zone along the embankments at Floirac. Its purpose was to host variety shows in the broad sense as well as sporting events, although CUB did not envisage running it as a public service.
For this reason, CUB decided to opt for the signing of a concession contract for the works via which the designated contract-holder would commit to carrying out the construction of the venue in exchange for remuneration in the form of the right to run the building for a fixed period, in addition to a set fee paid by CUB.

Services performed and results

Service Public 2000 / Espelia assisted the local authority of Bordeaux as the representative of the contracting authority assistance group and as financial assistant on the procedure for assigning the concession contract for the works: assistance with compiling a company consultation dossier, analysis of tenders (initial tenders and improved tenders), negotiating sessions, review meetings.

The concession contract for the works was signed in April 2014 with the Lagardère group and came into force in September 2014.

Key figures

• Concession contract spanning 20 years, signed in April 2014• 17,000m2 of surface area and 10,000 seats• €60-65 million total investment cost >> Plus d'information sur cette référence