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Audit of the municipal services with a view to strategically aligning them with the priorities of the term of office

Town of Cannes

Context and challenges

Our undertaking is part of a general programme to substantially transform the methodology and management of municipal services.

Services performed and results

The project began with a general audit of municipal services focused on:
• The organisation (organisation chart) and the structure (levels of responsibility) of the services
• The methods and tools for overseeing activities and the effectiveness of results
The next phase consisted of recommendations, which took into account the managerial spirit sought by the executive:
• Recommendations for a target organisation chart and for a method which ensures the mobility of managerial staff
• Recommendations in terms of management in order to possess all the resources needed to carry out the programme of the term of office (managing the programme, taking account of the total combined costs of investment and ongoing running costs, financial and human resources policy, asset management policy)
• Recommendations on change management and the indispensable contracting arrangements between services.