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Evaluation of the financing system for solar thermal and photovoltaic projects in Guadeloupe and recommendations


Context and challenges

The regional renewable energy plan adopted by the Regional Council in June 2008 sets out particularly ambitious objectives in terms of the development of solar thermal and photovoltaic energy.
The financial incentives which have already been introduced into this sector over a period of nearly 10 years in Guadeloupe have not proved to be effective and have been the subject of comments formulated by the inspectors of the European Commission. The Regional Council and ADEME are therefore seeking to introduce a new system of financial incentives which will be genuinely effective.
The Guadeloupe region appointed Espelia to:
• Conduct an inventory of the solar thermal and photovoltaic sectors in order to understand how the sectors function and what the mechanisms are for arriving at the final prices, assessing the effectiveness of the system of financial incentives and comparing it to three other regions;
• Propose new, more effective incentive systems, whose impact on the future development of the production of solar energy must be demonstrable and quantifiable.

Services performed and results

More specifically, Espelia's consultants provided the following services:
- Detailed inventory:
o survey of the principal stakeholders of the sector, profile of each company,
o outline, including figures, of the functioning of the sector and the way in which final prices are arrived at,
o SWOT analysis,
o micro-economic analysis of solar thermal and photovoltaic projects,
o comparison of the incentive systems in place in the other three regions,
• recommendations and final delivery of conclusions:
o proposals for new incentive systems and assessment of their micro-economic and macro-economic impact,
o analysis of the legal conditions for implementation,
o final synthesis to assist in operational decision-making,
o final delivery of conclusions to the region and to ADEME

This study guided the Guadeloupe region towards a better understanding of the photovoltaic and solar thermal sectors in order to adapt its incentive policy for the two sectors.

Key figures

• Total cost of the project: €30 k• Cost of Espelia's intervention: €30 k• Duration of the project: 6 months

Localisation : GUADELOUPE

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