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Analysis of responses to calls for interest in the production of electricity from biomass launched by the French Guiana region

Guiana region

Contexte et enjeux

The regional renewable energy plan adopted by the Regional Council in 2012 sets out as one of its priorities the generation of energy from biomass, an abundant local and renewable resource which remains little exploited, with an associated industry which has little structure.
As a result, the Regional Council and the government jointly launched a call for tenders in June 2013 for the production of electricity from biomass. 13 applicants responded.
The region appointed Espelia and Forest Resource Management, as part of a group led by Espelia, to produce a comparative analysis of the thirteen projects according to the following criteria:
• Environmental
• Social
• Technical
• Legal
• Financial
The purpose of the undertaking was to rank the projects against each other and to present to the institutional bodies the projects which would be suitable recipients of public aid.

Prestations réaliséees et résultats

More specifically, Espelia's consultants provided the following services:
- Coordination of the mission
o Development of a ranking grid for the projects which weighted the ranking criteria according to the priorities set by the region;
o Verification of the consistency of the ranking of technical, social and environmental criteria;
o Drafting of a report analysing the tenders and of a synthesis for decision-making purposes, proposing the allocation of public subsidies to the most coherent projects;
o Presentation of the report and of the final ranking of the projects to the representatives of the region and the regional institutional officials (government, ADEME, EDF, etc.).
- Legal and financial analysis:
o Partial costing and analysis of the business plans of the 13 projects proposed;
o Estimate of the energy costs;
o Analysis of the requests for subsidies;
o Analysis of the legal feasibility of the projects.

This study made it possible to present to the Guadeloupe region a ranking of the 13 different projects on the basis of their technical and economical performance, their environmental and social advantages, their financial viability and their legal feasibility.
Three projects stood out in particular and will be given special attention when dedicated subsidies are allocated by the government and the French Guiana region.

Chiffres clefs

• Total cost of the project: €85 k• Cost of Espelia's intervention: €58 k• Duration of the project: 2 months

Localisation : GUYANE

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