Détail d'une référence

Preliminary evaluation and assistance with implementing a partnership contract (PPP) for the renovation of the conference hall and the creation of a live performance venue.

Jean-Christian CORNETTE, Services Director

Contexte et enjeux

The town of Le Touquet Paris-Plage has a conference hall in its region which is currently managed by the Le Touquet Paris-Plage Tourisme, a state-controlled entity. Preliminary studies highlighted the need to renovate the conference hall to keep track with changes in the business tourism market and with the expectations of users and organisers.
On the heels of a preliminary evaluation report prior to the launch of this project, and having been endorsed by the state body for public-private partnerships (MAPPP), Le Touquet Paris-Plage Tourisme took the decision to launch this project in the form of a contract partnership for the renovation of the Palais de l’Europe and the construction of a show venue.

Prestations réaliséees et résultats

Espelia supported the town as the representative of the contracting authority assistance group and as the financial assistant for conducting the preliminary evaluation, approved by MAPPP in October 2012
Espelia then assisted the public body with all the financial aspects of the tendering phase: analysis of applications, analysis of the types of tender (local authority partner, local development loan, definitive tender), tender negotiation sessions.

Following the tender negotiations, the tender was awarded in the summer of 2014, with the aim of signing a partnership contract at the beginning of 2015.

Chiffres clefs

• €50 million (excl. VAT) of investment• 20-year partnership contract >> Plus d'information sur cette référence