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Assistance with the overhaul of the electricity network of French Polynesia

French Polynesia

Context and challenges

French Polynesia is an overseas French territory which is not connected up to a continental electricity network, consisting of 84 inhabited islands spread over a region as vast as Europe but with a population of just 280,000 inhabitants. The electricity network is 70%-dependent on fossil fuels, with an average price of the KWh which is two times higher than in mainland France.
Espelia was appointed by the country to define and implement the electricity strategy for French Polynesia with the objective of promoting the development of renewable energies and with the constraint of controlling changes to tariffs over the medium and long term.

Services performed and results

More specifically, during a 6-month technical assistance mission, Espelia's consultants provided the following services:
• Institutional analysis of the sector;
• Legal, technical and financial audit of the contract-holding companies (production, transport, distribution);
• Drafting of an energy code;
• Modelling and negotiating of tariffs.

This study made it possible to propose to the territory:
• The establishment of an independent system operator;
• Modifications to the statutes and the system for delegating the transporting of electricity;
• The introduction of regulations which offer incentives for the production and distribution of electricity;
• The compiling and harmonising of legislative and regulatory texts within an energy code.

Key figures

• Total cost of the project: €300 k• Cost of Espelia's intervention: €300 k• Duration of the project: 6 months (2 full-time consultants)


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