Détail d'une référence

Feasibility study for the creation of a publicly-owned (local) development corporation in Deux Rives

The city of Strasbourg

Contexte et enjeux

The local authority of Strasbourg, the city of Strasbourg and the town of Kehl have embarked on an innovative eco-district project, set out and defined in the guiding set of principles of Deux Rives. In order to implement this planning programme in the region, the local authority wished to create a publicly-owned (local) development corporation so that they would retain a significant degree of control over the implementation of this large-scale urban planning project.

Prestations réaliséees et résultats

Espelia conducted the feasibility study on the creation of the corporation: identification of the operations likely to be entrusted to the corporation, list of founding parties (meetings with the local authority's elected officials), commercial evaluation through the modelling of a business plan, identification of flows between the shareholding local authorities, assessment of the capital. Once the creation of the corporation had been approved, our team suggested to the local authority several forms of organisation and governance and then supported it in the actual creation of the structure.

The publicly-owned local development corporation is currently in the process of being created. This structure will enable the local authority of Strasbourg to oversee is urban planning project directly via a structure which specialises in this type of operation, which is suited to the scale of the project and which is publicly-owned.

Chiffres clefs

• Creation of a structure, a publicly-owned local development corporation, which is suited to the scale of the local authority's project.• Public oversight of the planning project >> Plus d'information sur cette référence