Détail d'une référence

Assistance for the contracting authority in critically analysing a provisional project budget, identifying taxes and potential subsidies and negotiating with the housing association

Valenciennes Métropole

Contexte et enjeux

In order to respond to the housing needs of current and future inhabitants and to successfully convert an area of wasteland, the local authority of Valenciennes Métropole, the Scarpe Escaut Natural Regional Park and the town of Vieux Condé embarked on an urban planning project in the commune of Vieux Condé within the framework of the National Programme for Urban Renovation.

Prestations réaliséees et résultats

Our team designed a tool for estimating, on the basis of the options chosen by Valenciennes Métropole, the various taxes (planning, construction, sanitation, public facilities) and other contributions which could form part of the financing for the creation of public facilities. The local authority was thus in a position to select the plan which was best optimised and tailored to its objectives.

Espelia was asked to critically analyse the budget of a project to build 38 homes (review of the costs of construction, of planning, expenses and fees) in order to produce a budget optimised on the basis of ratios taken from our databases and to identify taxes, contributions, loans and potential subsidies to finance the project and the public facilities.

Chiffres clefs

• Assistance in the choice of the right legal framework for the financial optimisation of the project.• Participation in an urban renewal project >> Plus d'information sur cette référence