Commitments & Values

Espelia believes that providing consultancy services to the public sector - the guarantor of the public interest – demands particularly high ethical standards. These standards are embodied in the following way:

Remaining immune to conflicts of interest

In order to engage fully with the public sector, Espelia has adopted very stringent statutes and rules:

  • No remunerated services for the private sector
  • Capital owned by its employees
  • Supervisory Board over by two associations of elected officials: the AMF and the FNCCR
  • Presence of an Ethical Standards Officer on the Supervisory Board

Promoting the sustainable management of public services

Espelia is committed to promoting the sustainable management of public services, bringing about progress in the way they function and motivating its employees to behave responsibly.

The firm is resolutely committed to promoting sustainable development:

  • in its internal functioningthrough the attention paid to training and the well-being of employees, pay equity, responsible purchasing, opting for the most environmentally friendly modes of transport, etc.
  • with a multiplier effect, through its consultancy servicesrelating to the organisational structures of local regions, the planning of public infrastructure and the enhancement of public services.

Espelia's multidisciplinary approach enables it to provide integrated consultancy services, addressing in a balanced and targeted manner all three dimensions - social, economic and environmental - of sustainable development.

Strong values

The firm and all of its consultants are guided by strong values which find concrete expression in their actions.

Professional certifications

OPQCM in the areas of procurement, project management, the overall approach of organizations, finance and insurance

Qualisport in the areas of programming sports equipment, their achievement and studies prior to their operations