Compare and value the HR policies of our communities !

In a context of declining state allocations, local transfers of new obligations and major institutional reorganization, local authorities face to unprecedented challenges in terms of human resource management. The local government service is also challenged by often simplistic and focused analyzes that ignore the reality of local action. These analyzes lead to erroneous or stigmatizing conclusions. However, local authorities have all data to explain and objectify their action and their further development.

Every two years, local authorities have to set and introduce a social report at their Technical Committee. According to the size of local authorities, the conditions of social reports are different :

  • Below 50 workers : local authorities send informations to their management center which establish a global report ;
  • Between 50 and 350 workers : local authorities establish their own report. They submit it to their Technical Committee for an opinion and they send it to their management center ;
  • More than 350 workers : unaffiliated local authorities send their report to the General Direction of Local Government (DGCL).


The website of the General Direction of Local Government has all necessary documents to establish and send the report including ©MSExcel format files.


A effort little rewarded and no immediate feedback

Local authorities collect, verify and enter several hundred information including the most information remain unused. Despite the importance of work, local authorities have a low value of their data, particularly in terms of information and comparisons.
To help in the free evaluation of their HR policies, Espelia propose you DiagRH©. It’s an online tool of comparison of human resources through 50 indicators divided in 6 topics : workforces, working time, salaries, work conditions, learning and social dialogue.


Get ready, Set and Go !

  • No seizure : simply drop text format file created automatically via the Excel entry file of DGCL ;
  • Automatic calculation of indicators covering the whole of their HR policies ;
  • Each indicator is automatically defined, explicited and compared with all local authorities having already used this service
  • The range of local authorities, used to comparise, may be tweaked by criteria like the nature of local authoritie, population, workforce, reference year of social datas.
  • Interactives tables and graphics allow to tweak the analysis and comparisons for each indicator.
  • A guaranteeing anonymity : data collected are used only for benchmark, statistics and improvement of provided service. In accordance with the General Terms and Conditions for the Use, your datas won’t be published publicly allowing to identify your local authoritie.
  • If you are AMF member, enjoy advanced functionalities and log by the link « subscriber »  : login
  • For non-subscribers, go to the public website on  DiagRH.




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