Our Partnerships

Schools and Universities

The numerous partnerships built up with the universities, political studies institutes, engineering colleges and business schools where Espelia dispenses courses make it possible both to engage teams of students and researchers in innovative projects and to participate in the education of future regional executives, service administrators and contracting managers.


Technical Consultancies and Law Firms

Espelia works with numerous technical consultancies and law firms, who enhance and/or broaden the multi-faceted expertise of the firm, resulting in consultancy services of ever greater relevance to public decision-makers.

These are long-term partnerships. They guarantee that public authorities have at their disposal consultants who are used to working together.

Espelia has developed particularly strong partnerships with two technical consultancies who share our distinctive values :

  • in the fields of water, aquatic environments and waste. Like Espelia, Tecurbis works only for the public sector and does not offer project management services



  erea-conseil particularly in the fields of urban
  and interurban transport and parking.

The many law firms who are Espelia partners are competent in administrative law, public business law, environmental law, urban planning law and labour law.

If you wish to propose collaboration, you can contact Espelia here.

Associations of Elected Officials and Professional

The independence, the sense of public service, the multiple expertise and the capacity of the firm to build on substantial feedback make Espelia a natural partner for associations of elected public officials and professional federations, such as in France the AMF, the FNCCR, AMORCE, the IGD, the SYPAA, the GART, etc...

Espelia actively participates in numerous working groups and contributes to studies on the modernisation of public services.

Professional Communauties and Public Seminars

Espelia shares and enriches its expertise by participating in the running of several professional communities and by speaking in numerous colloquiums every year.

Franck Vallerugo
Chair of Urban Econommy of ESSEC

High quality training skills
"Every year, the team at Espelia runs a seminar on signing and negotiating public service concessions. It is more than a case study - it is a 'life-size' training course which gives students a very concrete grasp of the expectations of local authorities and of companies during contract negotiations of crucial importance. The richness of this seminar and of the teaching skills of Espelia's trainers are widely applauded by students and teaching staff".