Our history


Founded in 1995, Espelia (formerly Service Public 2000) is today the leading consultancy firm in the field of public service management. With its 60 staff members, the firm advises local authorities, ministries and the bodies which they oversee, both in France and internationally.

The firm assists public decision-makers with issues relating to the :

  • management of public services
  • implementation of public projects
  • strategic management of local authorities

Espelia is an independent, employee-owned firm. Its unique system of governance guarantees that the firm's services are immune to conflicts of interest.

The multidisciplinary teams at Espelia design tailored solutions for every public service sector. They are committed to recommending innovative solutions in order to contribute to the modernisation of public services.


Espelia's vocation is to contribute to improvements in the performance of public services.

The entire team is thus actively engaged on a daily basis alongside the decision-makers of local authorities of all sizes and central public administrations in strengthening public services.

Espelia offers public decision-makers the reassurance of a consultancy service which will assist them in:

  • Ensuring the success of public projects
  • Controlling public expenditure without compromising on service quality
  • Improving user perception of public services
  • Rebalancing power relations in dealings with private operators

Espelia's consultants seek to build relationships with their clients which are based on genuine partnerships and a frank and constructive dialogue. In order to earn this trust, they hold themselves to the highest standards of professionalism, loyalty and transparency.

  Loïc Mahévas
  Chairman & Managing
  director of Espelia


« ESPELIA has unusual DNA. Some would describe it as surprising. For our part, we are proud of it and we have fashioned it according to our deepest motivations, in particularly that of serving the public interest alongside public decision-makers, providing objective advice which is immune to conflicts of interest.
Our whole organisation and our day-to-day decisions are underpinned by this commitment to helping public authorities to provide ever more effective public services.
The consultants have not joined ESPELIA by chance. Their involvement is a solid guarantee of the success of  projects which we support.
has another unique asset : it enables you to call on a single consultancy firm to provide simplified coordination and an overarching approach to dossiers. Our team brings together the majority of the skills required to support a public authority. These are all precious skills for an overarching and coherent project approach and for balanced power relations in negotiations with private operators.
Finally, the organisational structures which we have built around individual sectors have enabled us to capitalise on successive experiences, acquire cutting-edge expertise and, above all, avoid 'abstract'' guidance.
Over the years, ESPELIA has become a genuine school of public performance with its University, the running of its Expertise Centres, its local innovation workshops and the professional communities run by its experts.
The challenge for public authorities at this time is substantial, because there is a need to respond to the issues arising from an unprecedented economic and social crisis : strengthening social bonds, controlling public expenditure, embarking on rationalisations and mergers, rising out of debt, stimulating employment, etc.
You can count on ESPELIA to strengthen the performance of your public services! Our team can offer you pragmatic guidance, innovative ideas and the tools which will allow you to dispense with our assistance once our services have been delivered.