Urban planning

For public authorities, urban planning constitutes an essential lever for developing their territories.

The constant increase in housing needs and the necessity of supporting local economic development is encouraging local authority initiatives to offer new land for urban planning purposes. The pre-existing constraints on space, and the desire to limit urban sprawl in order to preserve green / agricultural land and to facilitate access to public services, oblige local authorities to innovate and to implement complex urban projects (e.g. higher density building, incorporating diversity into the programmes, integrating public transport, urban renewal).

In addition, the needs and expectations of the local population in terms of their living environment are evolving (e.g. an ageing population, restraint in terms of energy and carbon use, safety concerns, working from home). All urban projects must therefore pay particular attention to the functional aspects and the user-friendliness of the spaces created, to the associated services and to the quality of the environment and of the landscape.