Assistance with signing complex public contracts (PPPs, concessions, etc.)

Key elements

The signing of complex contracts - such as lease contracts and management contracts, authority-pay PPPs, concessions and all-inclusive tenders (e.g. energy performance contracts) - is a major challenge for local authorities. These contracts set for several years the performance and remuneration conditions for the management of public services or the creation of public facilities. Local authorities must therefore secure balanced contracts in a context where the bidding companies which they are dealing with are negotiating several contracts every year. 

Offre :

Espelia consultants from every domain assist local authorities in their procedures for signing complex public contracts. Issues at the heart of the debate include the optimal sharing of risk between the parties and the structuring of remuneration mechanisms so that they reward performance. The consultants intervene throughout the process, from the compiling of the initial consultation dossier (in particular the contracts) to the signing of the contract, including the key phases of assessing the tenders and of negotiating.

Having overseen numerous negotiations (the Sapin law, etc.) and tendering processes, Espelia has developed a particular expertise in negotiating with public service operators. Its exclusive market positioning at the side of the local authorities protects the firm from any conflict of interest in these projects.

Performance opérationnelle des services publics

Espelia realizes missions which contain an assistance with signing complex public contracts in the following sectors :