Career path at Espelia

As soon as you arrive, you are assigned to a sectoriral department and a professional centre of expertise. The human resources department, your line manager and your mentor will facilitate your induction into the firm and your participation in your first assignements.   

During your first months, you will attend all the primary training sessions at the Espelias’ University in order to acquire the knowledge base and methods you need to facilitate your assignements. You will also learn a lot from your peers as you carry out these assignements.

Over time, and in the course of regular feedback and appraisal meetings, we will determine together the assignments, training courses and in-house moves (e.g. from one sectorial department to another one) which will help you to fulfil your potential and provide the best possible guidance to the local authorities you are working with. Each year, your work is objectively and transparently appraised in conjunction with your manager. Your contribution to Espelia's performance will enable you to progress steadily from the status of junior consultant to that of senior project manager.

At the same time, depending on your aspirations and your capacities, you can progress towards management positions (assignement leader, departement director, etc.) or towards being a sector or profession-specific expert. Throughout your career at Espelia, your capacity for innovation and for developing new activities will be encouraged and supported, in particular with the help of our Innovation Committee. 

With offices in Paris, in the regions and abroad, Espelia can also offer you opportunities to work in a variety of locations. 

Training as a priority

With over 20 training sessions a year, Espelia accords particular importance to building and developing the skills of its team.

The curriculum of the Espelias’ University is updated every year so that it remains closely based on the strategic direction of the firm and on the needs expressed by its employees.

Its ambition is to enrich employees’ skills by promoting knowledge-sharing and by reinforcing the team's multiple areas of expertise. Espelia deploys all its resources to promote personal and professional development through building collective skills. 

Life after Espelia

Joining Espelia means acquiring the expertise and reputation of the flagship consultancy firm in the public sector, at the interface with the private sector. The development of your skills and your expertise within the firm will put your career on a sound footing.

A number of years spent at Espelia is an excellent launching pad for moving beyond the world of consultancy into positions of responsibility within local authorities, regulatory authorities, public service operators, associations of elected officials, etc.

Parcours Espelia

Loïc Mahévas
President and
Chief Executve Officer of Espelia

"The voice of each one carries and weighs in the choices of development as in the professional courses. The vast majority of employees who have pursued their careers elsewhere underline the springboard effect of their stay at Espelia. They have nostalgia for the working atmosphere they had among us."