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Espelia is highly regarded by public decision-makers for its expertise, its independence, its constant dedication to serving the public interest and its innovation capacity.

The ethical outlook which underpins Espelia's relationship with its clients also characterises the relationship between the firm and its employees.

The men and women who make up the team at Espelia are at the heart of the company's strategic project: developments within the firm are aimed at offering employees as many opportunities as possible for personal development (strengthening and/or broadening of expertise, assuming more responsibility, management opportunity, incremental salary scales, geographical mobility, work / life balance, etc.).

Working for Espelia means:

  • being respected and valued, and following a tailored career path 
  • exercising a job for the benefit of the Society as a whole while enhancing the performance of public services for the benefit of the citizen 
  • joining a working environment which is most valued by staff (76% of 'very positive' opinions in the most recent in-house company survey conducted by staff representatives) 
  • being part of a dynamic entrepreneurial project 
  • participating in a broad range of consultancy missions, in France and internationally 
  • developing a network of contacts in the public and private spheres 
  • acquiring the efficient working methods which characterise the consultancy profession.

It's the employees who speak the best of it...

A team at the heart of strategic project

Travailler chez Espelia

  Yann Gergot
  Human Ressources


"Espelia offers you the opportunity to integrate a company on a human scale where the autonomy of each one is allied with a spirit of solidarity. The permanent changes experienced by our clients will give you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills while advancing the collective interest. Finally, the continued growth of our company will open up exciting career prospects."